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Volunteer as a Mediator

Mediators serve the communities of Yamhill County by aiding in conflict resolution between citizens. Our volunteer mediators are the heart of our program! They are the reason we are able to offer multiple services and why we provide respectful, compassionate, and effective mediation to members of our communities.

Extensive training is offered, and required, of every mediator and anyone else interested in mediating with us. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us for further information!

– help groups work through conflict.
– assist in communicating issues clearly.
– support the resolution of misunderstandings.
– assist in creating solutions to disputes.

YOU should become a mediator because…
– it is a proactive way to serve your community.
– it teaches valuable communication skills that can be utilized in multiple areas of your life.
– it promotes compassion and empathy among community members.
– it is a direct form of contributing to the peace and prosperity of your local community.