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Business Seminars, Coaching and Mediation Services

Business Happens When Conflict is Managed and Resolved

YCM’s Conflict Management Program offers businesses seminars on conflict resolution skill building and communication, leadership development and coaching, along with mediation services.

Conflict Management Program

Conflict Resolution Skill Building and Communication Seminars
Cultivating a “culture of effective communicationwithin the workplace is core to a healthy work environment and superior customer service. Building employees’ skills in conflict resolution helps create a “win-win” environment that enriches both internal business dynamics and employee-customer relations.

Leadership Development and Coaching
Businesses have limited resources for handling internal disputes and conflict management is frequently the #1 developmental need of leadership in an organization. Through respectful management of conflicts, managers and executives can create success within their own teams as well as the business as a whole.

Mediation Services

Mediation services through this program can include:

  • Between employees or employees & supervisors
  • Within employee internal work groups or departments
  • Between business and clients/customers
  • Between separate businesses