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How the Process Works

  • CONTACT US! We will explain the process and help you decide if mediation is right for this situation. All mediation communications, both verbal and written, are confidential.

  • When you are ready, we will contact the other party to explain mediation and invite them to meet with you in a safe, confidential and neutral setting.

  • At the mediation session, two trained mediators ask each party to describe their point of view of the conflict.

  • In a respectful environment, the mediators then work with all parties to find their own solution.

  • A written agreement, acceptable to both parties, is recorded, signed and copies provided to both parties. This agreement is the only non-confidential item in the mediation process.

  • In the future, the agreement can be updated with the approval of both parties, or by meeting again in another mediation session.

  • Maintain your rights! Throughout the process you have the right of self-determination, to call it quits or to disagree when it’s not working for you. The mediators are there to help you both find a realistic and reliable solution to your dispute.