Providing Mediation Services in Yamhill and Tillamook Counties

Mediation is a method of settling disputes with the assistance of a third party who helps the two sides talk about the problem, and work together to reach a solution acceptable to both.

The Process

Consider the Benefits of Mediation Before Litigating

  • Mediation prevents disputes from escalating. ┬áIt cultivates problem-solving skills and positive relationships within families, neighborhoods, businesses and communities.
  • The cost is significantly less than repeated involvement by law enforcement and the courts.
  • The likelihood that mediated agreements will be fulfilled is much higher than if a resolution is imposed by an outside party or judgement.
  • The National Crime Prevention Council, together with community and county law enforcement personnel, believe that mediation is a key crime prevention tool.

Mediation is…

NOT a court hearing, counseling or therapy.
NOT about compromising your values.
NOT a process to determine your guilt or innocence.
MUTUALLY finding solutions to issues of conflict.